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You're invited to take part in a life changing adventure!

Since our first book, "Heaven 24/7: Living in the Light," was released in 2016, Celeste and I have felt the real need to expand our true stories of light to include your stories.

What are your stories, your glimpses into eternity?

You have them, you know.

Perhaps you hold these ideas close to your heart, remembered even now as you think about the story you know it's time to share. Yes, your heart is waiting, your family is waiting, and the world is waiting, to hear your story and to learn from you.

What moment in your life has been a gift of evidence that you are living amid eternity? What have you learned in that experience that has strengthened you and given you clarity?

"Heaven 24/7: Daughters of the Light" will be accepting stories from now until July 1, 2017. Stories must be less than 1,000 words and must encapsulate the theme of living in the light. Though we are all on this planet together, with experiences that shape and mold us, there is yet an opportunity to see the light through them. God is always there, always ready to warm our heart and light our path.

Idea Creations Press and its editors will choose the stories with the best fit and connection to Heaven 24/7. All authors will be notified, whether or not they have been chosen for the anthology. We appreciate all entries and will give special attention and prayer to each one we receive.  We honor all submissions.

September 1, 2017 is the potential release date. At that time, all those who have been selected for the anthology will receive a free copy of the book and a coupon code to purchase additional copies at 40% off retail.

Submissions may be edited. The author will be notified and will approve a final copy. No changes to said manuscript can be made after author gives their approval.

Please, no ranting. This is to be a book of inspiration, not confession.

Please, stories from women only.

The author will receive no compensation or royalty payments for their work, other than that already specified. Idea Creations Press retains all rights to author's work, and stories cannot be sold elsewhere.

Names and relationships can be changed in your story. Please fill out the following Author Submission and Release / Permission form and attach it to your email.

Please send your stories of less than 1,000 words to: authorsupport@ideacreationspress.com with a subject line of “Daughters of the Light” submission.

We look forward to seeing your work.

With love and appreciation,
Kathryn & Celeste

Author Submission and Release / Permission Form

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