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Volume 3

Sons of the Light


Coming in 2018

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Heaven 24/7
What's it all about?
If you've ever wondered,
"Is it possible to live more spiritually minded. . .
even in the midst of day-to-day earth life?"
If you've ever worried about what others really think of you. . .
or about being perfect NOW.
If you've wanted to forgive someone. . .
but couldn't.
If you've tried hard to see how to get past the scars in your life. . .
but haven't.
If you feel as if you live in fear. . .
and wonder where God is.
If you have a hard time letting go of sin. . .
sharing who you are. . .
knowing what you really want out of life. . .
and having the courage to do it.
It may just be your time to view heaven 24/7.
Are you ready?


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