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I found a sentence or two in almost every chapter that I wanted to highlight. I enjoyed the positive messages.

David Alan Armstrong

Very inspiring and uplifting book. Made a major impact in my recovery process. Helped me to understand and explain insightful, inner fears, joy, life changing. Helps me understand our Heavenly Father. I highly recommend this book for those who struggle from day to day addictions.


I don't often read a book that encourages me to write my own thoughts or re-visit my own stories and glimpses. What a refreshing read that reminded me how far I have personally come in my journey and friendship with my Heavenly Father. This book will draw you in hopefully remind you...that you are not alone . Great book ladies


This book is a guide on how to get your life back on track and closer to God. Using their own personal life's experiences, the authors share how they turned their lives in the directions needed and how important the blessing of repentance is in our lives. The book discusses that although wrong roads are taken, it is always possible to turn back, start over and get on course.

This book was a good life guide for all. I enjoyed reading it.

Sunnie Reviews

I enjoyed Heaven 24/7 immensely. The stories shared by Kathryn and Celeste are definitely filled with glimpses of Heaven 24/7, while portraying the light that shines ever so bright and reveals the truth. And truly within those truths, we all have a story.

From Kathryn's advice on handing God the stone you are carrying, to Celeste's explaining how some stories are funny, mundane, absolute gifts to the Majestic songs of Mt. Hood to the Creator, Heaven 24/7 is a must read.
There are so many riveting and heartfelt jewels within this book. Such as Celeste desire to have her life to be aligned with God's laws and will. And Kathryn's Heavenly Father teaching her to see Doug ( Her Husband)- as he was going to be. "He was glorious" I was taught a valuable lesson from this as I commit to loving in the same manner, an incredible man of God, the Lord has brought into my life.
And Celeste brought out a great point when she stated: "Like a tub without water, we may be searching for healing, but forgetting from whence it come." We truly can experience Heaven 24/7 through the healing power of God.

And one of my favorite means to experience Heaven 24/7 is explained in their account of knowing who you are in the eyes of God. As Kathryn states it so eloquently: "We are diamonds. God's daughters. His diamonds". And Celeste recognizing that God has created her to be a powerful, passionate and creative woman who uses her beautiful gift of singing to elevate and lift others. And when we do, we can, as sated by Kathryn: "Give mercy without being fake" And apply this amazing lesson from Celeste: "No matter the circumstances, mercy has been extended.
I highly recommend this Majestic Heavenly Book!

Keep Smiling,
Vernita Simmons - Author/Publisher of Capturing The Spirit Of God's Word with Vernita

I love it. Very open experiences to help people know they are not the only ones experiencing tough issues. I love your insights and the "parables" you open each section with and reference in the chapter.

I once had a dream/personal revelation where I spoke with Christ at a turningpoint in my life where I had to make a serious decision about what direction I wanted to go. I felt that powerful, overwhelming love that fills your wholebody you spoke of; a level of love that really is hard to fathom in our earthly existence. I must say, more than once - especially during tough times -  I have remembered that feeling to have it lift me and I can't wait to return to my Heavenly Father and Savior to feel it all the time. It is truly an amazing feeling.

Debby Martin - dlm Designs

I finished your Heaven 24/7 book today. I did write impressions and some experiences at the end of most sections. I am still, and will continue pondering any "weeds in my relationships, as well as my own personal "mission statement". Thank you for the insights you and Kathryn both shared, and the faith-inspiring experiences. I did enjoy it very much, and look forward to the future series forthcoming.


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